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Spinning Babies Techniques

Why Are These Techniques Important For Your Pregnancy?

The safe and gentle techniques that I teach in our first prenatal visit, the Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Prep Class have truly changed my client’s births over the past five years. From having more comfort during their pregnancy to having easier and more uncomplicated births! Simply by taking cues from baby's position and adapting maternal positions to aid and support what baby is telling us.

What Are Spinning Babies  Techniques?

The Spinning Babies  approach is a new paradigm that takes clues from baby’s position and pelvic station for natural, physiological solutions. During our first prenatal class, the Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Prep Class, you will learn this series of Spinning Babies​ prenatal activities which can help position baby to best fit your pelvis. You will also be equipped with tangible, hands-on solutions to help when labour seems long, painful, or has a stall. These techniques focus on four major ligaments that support the uterus: the uterosacral ligament, the broad ligaments, the round ligaments and the sacrotuberous ligaments. Adding length and suppleness to these specific ligaments during both pregnancy and labour can have an incredible impact on both pregnancy comfort and labour progress.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Approach?

There are many prenatal classes that focus solely on the mental and emotional aspects of childbirth. While those approaches are indeed vital and are also included in my classes, the Spinning Babies approach is unique in that we bring the focus back to the physiological elements of pregnancy and birth by providing hands-on tools to aid in better body balancing for mom and more space for baby.

To be clear, Spinning Babies  doesn’t replace other prenatal methods or training. Instead, it is an approach that can augment any birth plan or method by providing the added comfort that all birthing moms want. 

From Gail Tully, CPM & Creator of Spinning Babies 

"Every day I hear happy results:

 ... Back labour eased

 ... Breech babies that flip head down

 ... Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down – cesarean canceled!

 ... Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend

 ... First labours occurring regularly in 8 hours or less

 ... Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!

 ... More natural births and VBACs around the world!"

What Will I Learn?

-Spinning Babies  Three Sisters of Balance: Techniques to help open the pelvis by releasing tight ligaments/muscles which may be tight or twisted. These techniques will help prepare your body for birth and increase your comfort as labour progresses. They can help with common pregnancy ailments, such as round ligament pain and pelvic pain

-Understanding the journey your baby is making and how maternal positions throughout labour can aid in baby’s descent by opening the pelvis

-How to discover your baby’s position and what the most common fetal positions are 

"My wife and I were a little unsure of the value that the Three Sisters could bring to her pregnancy and labour, but we trusted Angie and decided to try them a few times a week from about 30 weeks onward. Wow! What a difference they made! My wife was suffering with tailbone pain from an accident years prior and also SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which were both rendering her immobile some days. Once we began using the Three Sisters, her pain was so much more manageable—even completely gone most days! And when her labour began, we knew to begin with Balance by doing the Three Sisters and we were shocked that after just 5 hours of active labour, our 9lb/5oz son was born after just 15 minutes of pushing! The nurses and OB were shocked at how quickly and easily our birth went but we weren’t! Thank you Angie and Spinning Babies for empowering my wife and I throughout her pregnancy and birth!"

- Nick & Anne, Oakville, ON

Who Should Learn These Techniques? 

Any pregnant parent and partner who wants to understand what’s happening physiologically during pregnancy and what they can do to optimize their birth experience

I’ve spoken with so many pregnant parents and partners who wish in retrospect that they could have been more aware of what was actually happening during their birth. With my Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Prep Class, that chance is now here! Pregnant parents and partners gain an understanding of the physiology of birth in a hands-on, easily explained environment and walk away with the tools and confidence to influence a better birth.

A Personal Note From Angie:

I am SO passionate about this class because I’ve seen with my own eyes that these techniques really work! I have used them throughout pregnancy and labour with dozens of my own birth doula clients and have seen time and time again that bringing the focus back to the physiology of birth—understanding and respecting it— makes a huge, tangible difference. 

Whether you want a natural birth, medicated birth, or anything in between, this class will equip you and your partner with tools that no other childbirth class can provide.

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