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Having your first baby in 2020/2021 brings it's own set of

challenges & anxieties. 

I am convinced that pregnant parents & their families need support now more than ever. That is why I've adapted to offer THREE flexible packages to support as many families as possible! 

*Most Popular Package!*

*NEW* 2020/2021
#1: The VENTI Support 
Oakille Birth Doula

Class Length: 2.5-3 hours 


This Class covers both Pregnancy & Labour and Birth on important topics such as:


  • Virtual teaching of Spinning Babies Techniques for pregnancy and birth 

  • Discussion of what you & your partner are hoping regarding your birth & education of your birth preferences

  • Non-medical & medical options for pain relief during labour

  • Education about early & active labour and specific tips & tools to manage both well 

  • Teaching of positions to open the inlet, mid-pelvis and outlet of the pelvis as well as tips for partner support while labouring at home before going to the hospital

  • Home birth prep 

This info packed class also comes with a

30 page booklet of up to date evidence, resources and content, along with helpful handouts such as snacks during labour, hospital bag prep and much more!

Burlington Birth Doula

Class Length: 2.5-3 hours. 


This Class covers two important topics: What to Expect during your Fourth Trimester and Infant Feeding Options! We will cover topics such as:


  • Life with your baby: from moment one to week 6. And tips on how to get into a routine and manage expectations

  • Practical support about infant care, from diapers to burping! 

  • Education about how to heal well from both a vaginal and caesarean birth 

  • Discussion about how to support the birthing parent's mental, emotional & physical health

  • Discussion of and setting goals for Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding/Infant  feeding 

  • Information on formula feeding/pumping 

  • Education of how your partner or support person can support you while feeding 


This important class also comes with a 30 page booklet with tons of additional information and helpful handouts such as charts on babies first 6 weeks, and what is normal (pee’s/poo’s, feeds, etc), breastfeeding positions and more!

You will also receive 10+ video's on breastfeeding positions, hand expression, partner support for feeding and more!

Milton Birth Doula

Class Length: 2.5 hours

This is my newest Class and it is getting RAVE reviews from both birthing parents & their partners!

I have packed 10 years of birth support experience into one class! Both you & your support person will feel confident & prepared for your labour & birth after this class! We will cover:

  • Important Breathing Techniques for early active labour to active labour and pushing

  • Education about the hormonal and emotional aspects of active labour and how your support team can best support the birthing parent

  • Massage Techniques and Counter Pressure Points guaranteed to help the birthing parent get relief and emotional support during contractions

  • Positions during labour, specifically how/when to adapt maternal positions based on baby's station in the pelvis (high, mid-pelvis or outlet)

This amazing class also includes 10+ video's provided ahead of time for practice and review together with your support person and then one virtual visit to practice techniques, breath work, and learn new massage/counter pressure points and positions that may be helpful during your labour.

Mississauga Birth Doula

I absolutely love supporting families during their pregnancy all the way to baby's first smile! Pregnancy is amazing and wonderful; but it can also be filled with anxiety, uncertainty and questions. As wonderful of a tool that google can be, it can also be a terrifying one. That's why I tell families to let me be their google! It is part of my job to be educated and informed on the most up to date best practices, evidence and studies for all things pregnancy related. And while I am certainly not your clinical care support, I can support you as become more informed about t what your options might be and what questions you can ask your healthcare provider. 


  • Phone, Text & Email Support throughout your pregnancy.

  • Feeling unsure about what to put on your registry? Feeling overwhelmed and just need some emotional support? Curious if you may be in early labour & unsure of what to do/who to call? Send me an email and let me support you through it all!

Toronto Birth Doula

Early Labour Support:

  • On call phone and text support to support you and your partner as you navigate the often confusing stages of early labour

  • Support with understanding what is normal 

  • Practical tips on how to alternate activity with rest during this important stage

Active Labour Support

  • 24/7 continuous support, whether done in person, virtually or via phone/text support

  • Comfort measures, counter pressure  points and real time maternal position suggestions to aid in baby's descent through the pelvis, massage work and guidance via breath work

  • Support during the pushing stage with breath work and positions 

  • Support during a caesarean birth by explaining what to expect, suggestions of questions to ask, emotional support for both the birthing parent and their partner

  • Support with baby's first feeding and reminders of what to expect over the following 2-3 days

GTA Birth Doula

Postpartum Support is so important and such a vital part of my support. All of the preparation that you and your support team has done can finally be put to practical use. Which is exciting but can also be overwhelming and exhausting! I believe families need just as much support after their baby arrives as they do throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth. After your baby arrives, I will:


  • Visit you once in the first two weeks after your babe’s arrival OR virtually support you with 3 virtual visits

  • Provide infant feeding help, give tips on how to best read your baby's cues, answer any and all questions you have, connect you to great resources provided by experienced professionals in your area when needed 

  • Continue to make myself available for continued daytime phone and text support for four weeks after your birth 

  • Provide emotional support through the ups and downs of adjusting to life with a newborn: sleep interruption, hormonal fluctuations, feeling unsure or anxious and anything else that comes up


*NEW* 2020/2021
#2: The Grande
100% Virtual Support 
*NEW* 2020/2021 
#3: The Skinny
100% Virtual Support 
Toronto Birth
Doula Training
What is a doula?

Complimentary Virtual Meet-and-Greet


The peace of mind of phone/text/email check-ins

THREE VIRTUAL personalized birth prep meetings --

2-3 hours each: See #1, 2 & 3 of Venti Package 

VIRTUAL ON CALL Birth support includes text/phone call check-ins during your labour/birth

TWO Virtual Postpartum visits

This Package is best suited for:

  • Birthing parents/couples who either by choice or location are restricted from having any in person labour & birth support 
  • Birthing parents/couples who still want to be as prepared as possible in all things pregnancy, labour, birth AND newborn care as possible
  • Birthing parents/couples who want the reassurance of still being supported during labour & birth via phone call/text check-ins for important things like:
    • Maternal position suggestions, breath work techniques, counter pressure/comfort measure tips in real time, questions about options, emotional support & more.  
Home Birth
Water Birth
Toronto Birth

Complimentary Virtual Meet-And-Greet

ONE personalized VIRTUAL Prenatal Meeting --

2-3 hours in length: Choose from Option #1, 2 or 3 of the Venti Package 


VIRTUAL ON CALL Birth support includes text/phone call check-ins during your labour/birth

ONE Virtual Postpartum Visit

This Package is best suited for:

  • Birthing parents/couples who either by choice or location are restricted from having any in person labour & birth support 
  • Birthing parents/couples who have a solid support system and do not need much postnatal support after their baby arrives
  • Birthing parents/couples who want to be as prepared as possible in EITHER:
    • Pregnancy
    • Labour & Birth OR 
    • Newborn Care
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