We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.

Laura Stavoe Harm

Hi, I’m Angie Stanley. First off, congratulations! If you’re visiting my site, then you’re probably expanding your family (or are hoping to soon!). As a Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA) I consider it an honour to walk alongside families providing personalized, non-judgmental support so moms and partners can have the birth experience that is right for them.

I have been married to my best friend Rob, for just over seventeen years now and we have four awesome kids—a boy and three girls who range in ages from 6 to 15. Although there are days that I wish there was such a thing as a Doula for moms of teens and preteens, they are simply the best!

Professionally, I have had the honour of supporting dozens of families in both home and hospital births in the GTA for the past five years. I am trained as a Lactation Educator, a Birthing From Within© mentor, and am a proud member of the Association of Ontario Doulas and the Birth Doula team at The WOMB (The World Of My Baby) family wellness centre in Milton.

Feel free to browse around to see if I’d be a good fit on your birthing team, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Doula Angie Stanley,CD(DONA)

Serving Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Toronto and surrounding area

905-299-7448 angie@doulaangie.ca

I do not care what kind of birth you have... A home birth, scheduled cesarean, epidural hospital birth, or if you birth alone in the woods next to a baby deer. I care that you had options, that you were supported in your decisions, and that you were respected.

January Harshe

What Is A Doula?

I’m glad you asked. As a birth doula, I provide caring, professional non-medical support to mothers and partners before, during and after the birth of their baby. Support for each mother and baby varies depending on their individual needs, but the three venues of support I provide fall into the categories of informational, emotional and physical support.

Informational Support

I often tell my moms, “Let me be your Google!” Part of my role as your birth doula is to provide you with up-to-date, relevant information drawn from years of study and experience. My goal is to answer your questions and allay your fears prenatally, so that you and your partner will feel confident in advocating for your wishes during the birth of your baby.

Emotional Support

The emotional component of pregnancy is one which is often overlooked. Your body is growing and changing quickly, your schedule is filling up with appointments, and there seems to be an unending amount of baby blogs and websites, each with a different idea of what’s best for you and baby. Part of my role is to be that someone you can call and ask the tough questions: What about me? Who am I now? Who am I becoming? What kind of mom will I be? What kind of mom do I want to be? How do I interpret what my primary health provider is saying? What should my next steps be?

Physical Support

Supporting a woman during her labour and birth is specific and unique to every birthing mom. As the non-medical support person on your birthing team, I’ve been trained in the use of different comfort measures such as utilizing different positions, applying counter pressure points, offering reminders about breathing techniques, and utilizing Rebozo Techniques to aid in mother’s comfort and find the optimal position for baby. The majority of women are aided greatly by these measures, and I am there to equip moms and partners alike in using them.

Explanation of Services

Before the birth

  • I provide 24/7 text, email, phone, face-to-face support
  • I am a trusted and experienced resource who can answer your questions and alleviate fears or concerns
  • I help you and your partner create a comprehensive birth plan which reflects your wishes
  • I inform you and you partner regarding any questions which might arise from your prenatal visits with your primary health care provider
  • I provide evidence-based research to help you make informed decisions

During the birth

  • I help you assess the often confusing early stages of labour to minimize stress and maximize rest
  • I work alongside the nurses, doctors or midwives to provide continuous non-medical care during the birthing process (massage, breathing, birthing ball, comfort positions, etc.)
  • I understand the physiological and emotional stages of birth and am equipped to support both you and your partner through each stage
  • I am a calming, impartial presence on your birth team, one who fully understands what a vulnerable experience the labour process can be for both mom and partner

After the birth

  • I assist in initial breast-feeding support immediately following the birth -
    I continue to make myself available for 24/7 text, email, and phone support for 4 weeks
  • I visit you in your home within the first week to provide continued emotional and informational support for you and your baby

I couldn’t and wouldn’t practice obstetrics today without doulas. They should not be regarded as a ‘fringe benefit,’ or ‘an extra,’ but as an essential and irreplaceable part of the birthing experience.

Harlan Ellis, M.D.

Who Needs A Doula?

I truly believe that every woman, every partner, and every baby deserves to have a doula. No matter what your situation, no matter where you want to birth your baby, and no matter what circumstances brought you here, I believe you deserve the support that a birth doula can offer.

Here are some of the family situations I’ve been trained to deal with and have had the honour of supporting:

  • Single Parent
  • IVF/Fertility Families
  • Hospital Birth
  • Home Birth
  • Obstetrician as primary medical caregiver
  • Midwife as primary medical caregiver
  • Water Birth
  • VBAC
  • Support with Epidural
  • Cesarean Birth (Planned and spontaneous)
  • LGBTQ Families
  • Women Over 40
  • Stillbirth
  • Miscarriage
  • Birth Trauma & Bereavement
  • High Risk (medically managed pregnancy)
  • All Faiths and Beliefs
  • Prenatal Anxiety & Depression
  • Emergency Cesarean Birth
  • Survivors of Childhood Trauma
  • Teen Parent
  • Twins & Multiples
  • Postpartum Anxiety & Depression


According to a 1991 study conducted at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Texas, 412 healthy first-time mothers were divided into two groups during their delivery—those with a doula and those without. Here are the results.

No DoulaDoula
Length of Labour 9.4 hrs 7.4 hrs
Epidural 55% 8%
Pitocin Usage 43% 17%
Cesarean Birth 18% 8%
Forceps Usage 26% 8%


Angie, thank you so much for your help at Corinne’s delivery. Your upbeat + patient attitude was exactly what we needed. You proved to be an incredible energy bunny through the long haul. We really appreciate you toughing it out to the very end and guiding Carey in the first moments after Corinne’s appearance!

Lisanne & Carey, Toronto

We always tell everyone that we were so thankful and blessed to have Angie’s expertise at Moriah’s birth. We don’t know how we could have done it without her.

Marshall & Hannah, Burlington

Having Angie present for our birth made the whole experience more amazing. The support she provided physically, mentally and emotionally was invaluable. We felt her calmness and intuitive nature played a huge role in us being able to follow through with our birth plan. We feel so much gratitude in having Angie as part of our birth story.

Andrea & Nathanael, Guelph

Birth Doula Packages

Basic Support Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Two prenatal meetings:
    • Birth Wishes Meeting (2-3 hours)
    • Comfort Measures/First week with babe/Infant Feeding Prep (2 hours)
  • Call, text, email support from date you sign; 24/7 support from 36 weeks onward
  • Continuous support for your entire birth & immediate infant feeding support
  • One postnatal visit within the first week (2 hours)

Comprehensive Support Package

  • Initial consultation
  • Three prenatal meetings:
    • Practical Prenatal Childbirth Education Class (3 hours)
    • Birth Wishes Meeting (2-3 hours)
    • Comfort Measures/First week with babe/Infant Feeding Prep (2 hours)
  • Call, text, email support from date you sign; 24/7 support from 36 weeks onward
  • Continuous support for your entire birth & immediate infant feeding support
  • Two postnatal visits:
    • First visit within the first week (2 hours)
    • Second visit around four weeks (1 hour)

Prenatal Childbirth Education is a very important part of making informed choices for your labour and birth. To that end, I offer a personalized Practical Prenatal Childbirth Education class. This 3 hour class covers topics such as:

  • what you should expect during each stage of labour
  • an explanation of medical interventions available to you
  • an overview of medical and non-medical methods of induction
  • discovering which medical and non-medical methods of pain relief are best for you
  • what to expect in the immediate postnatal period for Mom, Dad and babe
  • and much more

All tailored to your specific wishes/needs and delivered in the comfort of your own home.




Please email or text me for information regarding pricing and booking your free no-obligation consultation. For your convenience, payment plans are available.